Behind the Scenes: Student Dreams

This will be my first “behind the scenes” attempt. I have learned a lot from photographers sharing some behind the scenes videos and tips so it is about time that I give a little back 🙂

This photo was made for my friend Ryan for his birthday. It was a belated present of course! He is a student of biology and does really well with his school work. I don’t have a second camera but i decided that for this video i would compile every single image i snapped (something like 127 photos or so?) into a stop motion video. This will allow you to see how i went about creating the image. I hope that you find it helpful 🙂 The beginning images are from me adjusting my camera settings and choosing which white balance to use, and the last couple are extra shots of the set so that i could expand the image if i wanted to. To do this i set my camera on a tripod and then used my remote to take the pictures. This way i could be sure that the camera would move as little as possible.


4 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: Student Dreams

  1. okay, this is really cool! Amazing the work you’ve put into combining all these into the final image, love it 😉

  2. I went to do this shoot without the intention of putting the shots together like this hahah what a mess! 😛

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